Could Your Trading Improve With Waking Meditation?

The idea of entering a state of waking meditation while you trade seems almost bizarre, I know. Yet, I can assure you if you took the time to master the art of waking mediation your trading would be greatly enhanced:

Let me explain why:

It all begins with your mood: The University of Massachusetts found that 33% people who meditate regularly felt that their mood improved.

When we are in a good mood, mind and body relax. Suddenly what appeared to be a problem, or challenge becomes manageable. You get a sense of being in control, rather than being at the mercy of your environment.

If this alone weren’t enough to convince you of the benefits of meditation, the next piece might convince you that learning the waking meditation technique is an absolute must to help you enhance, or maintain a high trading performance:

When you learn to remain fully conscious in the deeper meditation frequencies like the waking theta brain wave, you have access to information your brain cannot access when it operates in beta or the lower alpha waves.

Your brain use used to operate in beta and in the lower alpha states.

Typically when you focus on a task you are in some form of alpha state. At this frequency you function on auto pilot: You don’t have to think about every step you take, feel at ease and in flow. You are not focused on time, or on your body, your focus is on the task you are performing.

This is a great state to be in which also reduces habitual feelings of tension and anxiety, however these brain waves don’t allow you to access additional information.

In order to access additional information which you cannot fathom with the intellect you need to go deeper.

Learning to operate in the waking theta brain wave requires practice. It also requires unlearning of old conditioning, because old conditioning acts like an interference wave that throws you continually of course whenever you try to enter the waking theta state.

In order to create a noticeable shift in the quantum field you need to be able to focus without interference for a minimum of 17 seconds. You probably think that 17 seconds doesn’t seem very long. If you were to try to focus on one subject for 17 seconds you will be surprised how difficult it is.

In the waking theta brain wave you lose a sense of time while also becoming hyper aware. It is a form of super focus. Regular practice with pyramid energy is one way to train your mind to become comfortable in these higher frequencies.

If you were to learn to be comfortable to perform ordinary tasks in the mental state of waking theta your entire life would change, because you would lose the need to constantly react to what is going on inside of you and around you. Would that have a positive impact on your trading? I should say so.

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a thought leader in the field of trading psychology. She is the author of “The Buddhist Trader” and “Holistic Feng Shui For Your Brain” and other books on trading psychology and inner growth.