The Buried Life Carries Dreams On A Purple Bus On Mtv On Dish Network

Think of it as the bucket list for that MTV generation. Beginning in ดูซีรีย์เกาหลี , MTV will bring viewers along for quite an appealing ride while using new series, “The Buried Life.” This real-life adventure documents the epic journey of four teenagers, Duncan, Ben, Jonnie and Dave, because they travel the continent of their purple bus, Penelope, to pursue their wildest dreams, gaining knowledge from their successes and struggles on the way.

The group of four years old explores life using a set of 100 things they’d like to do before they die. This list includes such random things as: -Take a stranger out for lunch -Get to start a date with Megan Fox -Send a note in a very bottle -Help a lady give birth to some baby -Tell a judge “You want the facts? You can’t handle the facts!” -Sleep inside a haunted house Throughout the span of the time of year, viewers will ride along using the gang of four years old as they try and do unbelievable stunts and realize their dreams.

The four friends are: Duncan, the oldest from the group at age 26, who’s a wild card using a heart of gold; Ben, the 25 year-old ringleader that will do anything to get things done; Jonnie, Duncan’s 22 year-old younger brother, that’s a blogger and philosopher; and Dave, the 23 year-old break-dancer and “one-man party” that’s up for anything. As they whittle down their list, the 4 gentlemen also make a promise that for each and every item they cross off their list, they’ll help an ideal stranger accomplish considered one of their dreams.

“These guys are on a pursuit to change lives, spread hope making dreams become a reality, while also obtaining the duration of their lives and fulfilling their unique dreams,? said Tony DisSanto, President of Programming for MTV. ?It is an amazing journey, and that we are proud to become a partner in this inspirational and uniquely entertaining series. It’s not only a show it’s really a movement.? “The Buried Life” actually began 3 years ago as Duncan, Ben, Dave and Jonnie, thought we would make a list of everything they wanted most in daily life. The title of their journey was inspired with a poem authored by Matthew Arnold in 1852 that explored the concept that the monotony each day life will often bury people and earn them forget what they’re passionate about. #53 about the boys? list was successful as a result of MTV ? it had been to begin a television show. MTV can be found on channel 160 on DISH.

By: Frank Bilotta